Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Beautiful Disaster

Ok Lets, be serious, I really don’t know what to make of this card. Because sometimes I just don’t feel like conforming to status quo, because sometimes I like being me. Imperfect in many ways, with lots of mistakes that sometimes aren’t meant to be covered up. The disastrous parts of our lives, that we’d most like to forget, but are proud of them at the same time because we some how managed to get through them. Sometimes in life we intend to do one thing, while a higher power above is laughing out loud as it deals us another round of cards. I hope you can appreciate where I am coming from. Just yesterday I saw a group of people doing a routine in the courtyard. I got so excited I yelled out loud OMG it’s a flash mob!! Only after I said it, and with great embarrassment, realized it was a quiet group of people doing Ti-chi. Well, I could have died but I didn’t, and 5 minutes later another guy walked up and yelled out the same thing.. Smile leaving me to feel like only 1/2 the idiot I thought I was! Life is great, including all the things that happen unintentionally, Kind of like this card.


And I would like to enter this in Saturated canary challenge 36, Color inspiration.. Stay tuned I will being having some really cool blog candy soon. Till then, be you and I’ll most certainly be me Winking smile