Friday, May 31, 2013

Going out with a Bang!

Today I decided to do the final day of blog everyday in may. (Over here) Might as well finish something I started right? Today is to write about a vivid memory. I would have to say that memory is of a girl named Sheryl. She lived next to my family, when we lived in LA, I believe I was 4. She was a mentally retarded teen girl, who would always pretend that she was missing fingers and glue them back on in front of my eyes. At four years old, I was amazed. Who was this Houdini? Every time I saw her she did this, sometimes driving away in my family car; she’d show her missing nubs and then somehow make them magically appear before we were our of sight. I also remember she had a crush on my uncle Stephen, who was about 12 back then. I slightly remember teasing him about her. At four, I guess I was quite the character. I sometimes wonder why he tortures my kids now? Hmm not hard to find the answer. It’s funny I can’t remember much other than that. I know it sounds really odd, but then again life in Lawndale, CA was odd. We moved out of the city and into suburbia by the time I was in first grade, a beautiful area near the beach, my dad worked very hard to afford for us. Anyway, that’s all I have. Vivid, odd, and a bit peculiar but all very true. Okay till next time, See ya soon ~ Angela

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Missing some place like crazy

I don’t know how to express myself in words about a place we once moved to, that I down right hated, and now can’t seem to get it off my mind.

A place a little boy used to wake up early and try to feed the ducks on our walks.IMG_3882IMG_3906

A place that taught my children even work can be fun. My daughter helped Mrs. Jennifer at Oatman Stables (up the road from our home) in exchange for ridding lessons. She never once complained about picking up horse poo.IMG_3458

And yes, that is an original Route 66 logo you see painted on the road there.IMG_3233

Maybe it was the way the small town talked. There is the fire captain talking to pastor Wentzlaff about ways to solve problems in the town.IMG_4295 

Problem Solved! It was way too hot to have water day for the kids with no major sprinkler system. look at those fireman lovingly spraying our kids.


And my favorite little fireman of them allIMG_4323

I can’t say if it was the pure beauty of the place that this city girl learned to appreciateIMG_3881


or our after dinner bike rides that got us talking….IMG_3878

About things that are hard to take notice when you’re always in a rush. Here things are slow enough to appreciate life's small events, like Joshua’s amazing juice spill that resembled Mickey Mouse an awful lot. Maybe Disneyland was in our future.


Maybe it was because there was never a dull moment in town.IMG_3942

Or the little Roadrunners that used to drop by and say hi


Could have been all the wonderful days we spent out at the poolIMG_4207

Then again I am sure it was the simple things like us being together, with no distractions, In a place I learned to love and call home.IMG_4067

Either way it was the Cats meow, and even Coby the cat would agree with that.IMG_3413

When I think of life lessons this place always comes to mind. Because it taught me how to be at peace with myself. I lost a lot that year we moved to Arizona, people who I thought were good friends, a job that I thought I loved, But what I gained out weighs the loss. I learned how to be my own friend, and to like myself. I learned how my health needs to be a priority because even though some big company can replace me, my husband and kids can not. I learned that the things that mean the most in life are not available for sale. It’s these experiences that I will cherish a life time. Thanks for sticking around to listen to my ramblings, have a beautiful day friends. It’s gorgeous here in California ~ Angela

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Momma got a new pair of running shoes

Hi friends! So I know, I know, I totally could not blog everyday in May. I’ve just learned you have to roll with the punches. Sometimes time permits, and other times… Well I’m a busy mom, wife and all the other things I do come secondary to that. You all know I craft and cook, but something that I love equally is running! For mother’s day I picked out these snazzy babies, and I finally have them in my hot little hands today!

They are SOOO ME!! I love everything about them, the color the polka dots and stripes, and I Can’t wait to clock in some miles with these babies tomorrow!!

I just wanted to share, cause they make me so happy I can’t keep it to myself. My hubby and kids are the best, I know I am so immensely blessed. Till next time, catch me if you can Winking smile  ~ Angela

Monday, May 27, 2013

Friendship Frame

Hello friends. I hope your Memorial Day is turning out nothing less than fabulous! Today we are going to spend the day enjoying ourselves at the Santa Barbara Zoo. It’s a wonderful zoo across from the beach, and I hear they have new babies there.


Before we head out I’d like to share a frame that I made for my special little friend Tori. She is my friend Myrna’s lil girl and she has a twin named Derrick. They are the cutest 3 year olds I know and smart too. Here we are posing, My two kids and the twins, and myself.

I used my heart Doo hickey die, added some wild orchid flowers, Tim Holtz flower seam binding, paper is Stampin up and the button is recycled from a cute envelope that I received from Krista at saturated canary. I printed out the image I found online and added some pearls and butterfly bling. I glued everything with E-6000 my favorite everything glue. Love how it does not wrinkle my papers.  I would like to enter my frame in these challenges:

Loves Rubber stamps : Anything but a card

ABC Challenge : Not just one (I used many embellies)

7 kids challenge: #74 Embellishments

Wild Orchid: #77 Sunshine (my flowers reflect summer is here)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sk8 like a girl

I am taking a little break from my busy week to post a card I made, and  to enter in some challenges. I really stepped out of my comfort zone on this card. I tried sewing on a card for the first time using my sewing machine, it was quite fun and a little tricky. I also used a flower die that I have had for years but never used. I like the way this card came out, It reminds me of my daughter riding Josh’s penny board. I think she enjoys it more than him at the moment. I would like to enter my card in these challenges:

Tilda’s Town – Something old something new. (old-flower die, New – DSP)

Shabby Tea Room – Sweet spring time ( I used green, cream and white, sew)

Marvelous Magnolia – Anything Goes

ABC Challenge – M for make it sparkle

Papertake weekly – Sound of music (Bounce Rock Skate Roll by Vaughn mason)

Fussy and Fancy – Anything goes

Loves Rubber stamps – May Flowers

Thanks for looking and hope you are having a lovely week ~ Angela

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Skipped some days but moving forward

Hi Peeps. So I missed some days, but you know I’ve learned that’s life. All you can do is move forward, and never stop. Give it your all. So today is day 8 over here

 Day 8, Wednesday: A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.

My Advice is this, Never stop believing in yourself. Although times might get hard sometimes you just have to suck it up, and be your own best friend. That means kicking your butt into gear when others are too shy to tell you. I ‘m working towards my dreams, and although it’s not what I thought I’d be doing at my age, I’m blessed to be doing so. I’m doing it, and that’s all that matters. So here’s to looking at the faces of future nurses .    *Never Stop Believing*


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Favorite Quote

Day four, here. This post puts me back on track. It’s a short one but this quote doesn’t need much explanation, it’s all truth.


Short sweet and to the point. This doesn’t only apply to physical fitness but also to life in general, and that is why I like it so much. What’s your favorite quote?

UnCoMfOrTaBlE.. Maybe just a smidge

Day 3, of posting everyday in May.. And the question is What makes you uncomfortable?

I’m in the car with the kids, we are all rocking out to the radio. When I realize some totally inappropriate lyrics are sung.. Opps Changing the station quickly, and hoping my kids don’t ask.


It really makes me uncomfortable when people talk about their financial business or troubles. Even worse is when they ask how much you make! Really? How is knowing my income going to help you? Things can get really uncomfortable when someone hits you up for a loan, or drop hints in hopes you’ll offer.


See those sexy heels below?


I really just want to wear them is all, but we don’t seem to get along. I love the look of super sexy high heels, but they hurt my back and I am afraid of ending up with terrible looking feet. I still wear them on occasion, but I’m so uncomfortable in them. I end up feeling insecure about if I look funny walking in them, or worrying about falling. Am I the only one? I sure feel like I am, especially when I am barely 5 foot nothing and could use some height enhancement. Oh well, I have to trust god made me just the way I am suppose to be.

What about you, what makes you uncomfortable?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Something I am good at, Day 2

First, I should let you know yesterday was day 1 of posting everyday for May. I know I am one day behind but…


I decided it was a pretty neat idea, and even though I am not sure I can post everyday in May, it will be a lot of fun trying.

Today is the day to write about something I am good at, and educate on that topic.. Hmm I pondered this one for a bit. It’s hard for me to point out what I am really good at. I try lots of things for sure, but to say I am good enough to educate.. now that’s not so easy

I asked my son what he thought I was good at? He said cooking dinner, Biology and Chemistry. Yes, I do like all three, but bio and chem, maybe not as much as cooking. I asked my husband and Tyla and they said cooking too, I am seeing a trend here, Or maybe they just like eating. Right!

Well, I don’t have a recipe with pictures prepared for today so instead I will tell you what I think I am good at. I think I am good at knowing how to live in the moment. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s more than just knowing how to enjoy yourself. it’s about knowing how to savor life’s beauties and the treasures that are priceless.

I am fortunate enough to take Fridays off.  I took the kids to school this morning then went for a 4 mile run, rinsed off and headed to the beach to watch this really hot guy surf. I seem to know his schedule, and so I really take advantage of checking him out when I can.

It’s my hubby, what a treat, when we both get the day off together.

Part of savoring the moment is being able to look at things through my camera lens. I couldn’t resist taking this picture, was this big guy going to town or what? You could even see the dirt flying everywhere.

I also like to savor the moment by snapping away at current events, If I am lucky enough to do so. If you haven’t heard in the current news, California is on Fi-yah. It’s not a good thing, but there are two things that happen frequently in Cali, Fires and Earthquakes. So who’d want to live here right? With the supreme weather and high mortgages to match that supremeness.. Well I sometimes wonder myself, but this is home, and always will be. Can you see all the dark smoke? That is the Camarillo/ Malibu fire.

Beautiful blue skies and smoldering smoke is quite a combo in the sky

The Channel Islands are usually easy to see, but the smoke is causing a thick film in the atmosphere. I can feel my chest heavy after todays run. That’s no bueno.

Here is my collection of shells and sand dollars I picked up from today’s visit. Not bad huh, My kids were quite bummed they were in school, and mom and dad were out playing at the beach.

The thing is mom and dad need time alone too, time to reconnect and act silly with one another. Time to focus on one another, and be apart of what makes the other happy. That’s what I am good at, I am good at being a wife, I am good at keeping my promise to love and cherish the man god put in my life, I am good at being a mom. Not an expert in anyway but understanding my families needs and what works for us.

If I educated you on anything at all today, I am hoping maybe it’s to let you know how important it is to take 5. Smell the air, and appreciate what you have not be concerned by what you want. Because if you take time to look a little closer you might have more than you ever dreamed of in your own backyard! I know I do ~


Thursday, May 2, 2013

A reason to write

I have nothing crafty to share today, rather a conversation and a bit about me. I was sitting at the lunch table with some fun girls yesterday, whom I met a few months back. We all began to talk about our families, and they asked the age old question “do you have a picture of your family?” I began to go for my wallet, when I realized I only had my wristlet. Surely you must have one on your phone!  More or less this is all I came up with…


Yup, Bacterial growth in agar slants. O’ yes these are mommies near and dear pictures stored in my phone. I am not on any social networks (aside from my blog) which really doesn’t count as Social network. So I really had nothing to show them.

Naturally, I thought about this a lot last night. I wondered if people wonder, Who are you? It’s nice to know about people and so with that I will share a little bit of myself with you.

My name is Angela Marie, (aurora is my grandmother who passed on) I am 36 years old and still feel like a kid in many ways. I have always loved the arts. I never thought I was good at it, but I knew something was special when I could appreciate sharp Crayola crayons and a fresh new coloring book at an early age!  Here I am with my brother.IMG_0003

I was mostly raised by my dad and we are like two peas in a pod, except when he’s grouchy. We both have heart conditions, and that is what gives me the burning desire to be a cardiology nurse. Plus I find the human heart absolutely fascinating.


You know what else is fascinating? My daughter, who made me that heart charm above out of polymer clay. We are also like two peas in a pod (except she is way more gorgeous) we are so much a like that we bump heads at times, but never hold a grudge. She is so talented and humbled, I am so proud to be her mama. Here is a picture of myself and Tyla, she’s 14.


Another fascinating person is my lil human version of Wikipedia. His name is Joshua and he is such an interesting lil man child. I say that because I do believe he has an old soul. He is very eclectic, and I can’t explain where he gets it from. He likes thrift shopping, antiquing, bird watching, jig saw puzzles, fishing and his latest interest are in records and vintage record players. The only current thing he likes are video games and even those aren’t too current because he only requests videogames from the 80’s and 90’s! I know it’s pretty different.. But He knows what he likes and I say that is way cool!

Saving the best for last.. This is my best friend Tom. He’s been there for me through thick and thin. We met at a new year’s eve party and were married 9 month’s later. And here we are almost 15 years later, and I love him more today than yesterday. He get’s me, you know. He’s my biggest supporter. He is the kindest person I know. I admire that in him. I can’t say enough about how happy he makes me, and of course everyone has there ups and downs but I am blessed this man was crazy enough to stick it out with me this long,Winking smile



Here is another one of us.


Family is a beautiful thing ~ Family is my everything. Thanks for allowing me to share a little bit of me with you.

((hugs))) Angela