Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fairytale Coptic Stitch


Hi Blog Friends!I have something new to share, something I learned how to make, and I am so excited. I’ve been wanting to make my own “book” Sketch/ journal/ what ever I want it to be book for a long time, but thought I would never find the time. So I searched high and low, and found this cool tutorial. The thing I love, is that I could make the journal to my specs, size and shape. (I’ll leave a link here for you to give a try, k) So for my first try, it wasn’t too time consuming, I just had to chunk out the time I spent on it.. I used a recycled cereal box (like the big boxes they sell at costco, cause it's heavier material) and 120 lbs. card stock paper (georgia pacific, bought at walmart)this way I could stamp on it too, not just draw or write. I think next time I will use a sketchpad like sea lemon used on her tutorial, because I also want a dedicated sketch book. So here is what I came up with:

And all the pages, I can’t wait to fill in the pages! When I showed my daughter how it turned out, she was like " oh mom, you're just so talented!" That totally made my day. She followed with "you think you can make me one too?" haa haa. Of course, I'm gonna make her one too! I would like to enter this in the Saturated Canary Blog Challenge and the theme is Fairytale. Isn’t the image a beauty? I colored the image with copics, and made a star like snowish background. The rose binder part, is actually a pretty hair tie that I love but never wear. So I hope you liked my idea and are inspired to maybe give book binding a try, I think I'm hooked ;) Till next time friends ~ Angela

Monday, November 5, 2012

Back to my First Love


Hey again, I am finding much needed comfort in my blog these days. I am dealing with the loss of a family member right now, we were close as kids and then you kind of go along your own path. But.. We always had a special connection that began from the time he was born, and that will never be forgotten. I think just knowing I won’t be able to say remember when… or make new memories is what makes my heart ache most.

It’s all been a bit crazy, and today I just had to STOP! I needed half hour for myself, and I thought what I could do in that short time that makes me really happy. The answer was simple.. Create something pretty. Then my son reminded me out of no where how the cute little notes I put in his lunch bag always cheered his day, when he started his new school. So I thought creating something small, maybe for my daughter’s lunch sometime soon.

My cousin was an artist, he painted beautifully, and my jaw always dropped when I’d have the chance to see his stuff. Maybe that is why I felt sort of connected to him tonight.  Here’s my beauty:


I am entering this in the Saturated Canary Challenge theme is Shaped card, It’s a circle and I layered all kinds of other shapes over it. See what happens when a girl doesn’t get to do what her heart loves best for a very long time. I went a bit overboard with the embellishments; the only thing I kept in mind was shape and happiness. Hope you all enjoy, and hope to be back soon. ~ Angela 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Meet Gertie 2


Hello Sweet Blog friends. Today I have the day to myself. Whoa, I better not say that too loud. Seems when I do something always comes up. I have some cleaning to do but after that I think I will craft, I’m jonesing for my copics, I look forward to an artful afternoon. And.. some baking too. This last week I baked lots of goodies for a bake sale, check out some of the goodies:


Not the best photo but I had to use a camera phone. And here is a batch I never shared on my blog.. I made these for my niece Selena a few months back.


Well Gertie, my super old stand mixer started to complain. she wanted to retire for some time now. She’s equipped to do 10 speeds but now only does about 4/5. She’s as cute as a button but you see that covered sheet cake above? It was almost too much batter for her little hopper, she spit some out at me. She’s a hand mixer too but, that is so much more work! and she uses beaters which is a pain for whipping. Here she is:

Well needless to say she had her wish granted, and she will retire. I don’t like dubbing names, but I am sure my new mixer can fill in those tired old shoes. Meet Gertie 2

Beau-ti-ful ehh? She’s a 5 quart series and I can’t wait to try her out. I’ve been wanting to try a few recipes, and I am sure my family is going to love trying all the new creations, and bigger batches Gertie 2 can help momma make! I am just so happy to be better equipped.

~ Angela