Friday, December 28, 2012

Binding Love

A couple months ago I discovered the wonderful world of Coptic stitching. It allowed me the freedom to be creative in making a journal that would fit my needs. I tried it once (in a previous post here) and, I knew I would be making more. My daughter asked for one, and I decided to make her one for Christmas. It wasn’t that easy; I needed inspiration. I remembered this bare essentials makeup box that I had planned on recycling into something crafty. My friend Lainey gave it to me a while back, and my daughter mentioned how she loved the pattern, Hence TaaDaa…   

The Box was what really tied it together, I filled it with a bunch of goodies for her.

From this angle you can see the stitching. I also used Tim Holtz metal corners adhered with my favorite E6000!

And here is the inside, For her sketching pleasure. you can find the link on my previous post that I linked up top. My daughter enjoyed this sketch book and I look forward to making more. Thanks for looking.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Recycle, Reuse, and Alter!

Shortly after I started crafting, I realized there is so much stuff I threw away that could totally be altered and remade fabulous! With that in mind even when I go through non-crafting months I save containers and bottles and such that can be reused. My favorite thing to alter is a bare essential make-up box, because they are sturdy and unique. DSC05124

I am sure you can come up with a million things to do with it, and best of all it’s free! (well with the purchase of your make-up) I personally don’t use this brand, but I ask all my friends who do use it, not throw them away when done. I also like big coffee tins and small paper ones that candy usually come in. That is what I used for todays project.

I used a free digi sentiment from stampinmindy’s blog, She is so kind to share.

Here is the side view. The image “Latte” was a free digi from saturated canary, it’s no longer free but Krista is offering it for discount here

Here is the top view, I used stuff I had in my drawer to decorate it. The top is cut with a spellbinders die pendant die. I used mod podge, I just love working with that stuff! I would mod podge a room in my house if I could. (tee hee) I’m going to make a nice hot chocolate package with peppermint chips and marshmallows, of course in a nicely sealed baggie, to stick in the container, so I can give it away at Christmas time. I would like to enter this projects in saturated canary’s challenge 23 Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows. I have to say that some of these challenges keep me going in allowing me idea’s for handmade gifts. Can’t wait to see what the next challenge is. Signing off ~ Angela

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Handmade

Hey there, and how are you dear blog friend? I decided to create a meaningful post today. In light of the tragic events, I must say I am sad and hold a heavy heart. I feel for all the people who have lost loved ones. This tragedy has left many questioning things we just don’t have the capacity to answer. For me this tragedy has made me realize:take nothing for granted, and to cherish everything, even the small things in life. Prior to this event I was going to go handmade on some gifts I am giving, but I have had a change of heart. I am going to include one handmade Item for everyone I am giving gifts to, because I realize how much that item will mean when I am gone, or far from that person. This is exactly what I am talking about:

This beautiful ornament was made by my husbands mother. She passed away when he was a little boy; we have been hanging this on our tree since we’ve been married. Isn’t it gorgeous, it makes me wonder if we would have been the best of crafting partners in crime?


Here is an ornament my friend from College, gave me. I just love it and totally adore all the hard work she put into it. It’s a pinecone, she handmade every square inch of this, drew the cute little face, and cut the felt hands and feet, and even made the present out of styrofoam.


And these are some my very own daughter made, out of fimo clay. She is so talented, she makes me prouder than she knows. I stare at her in amazement, because she is so good at everything she tries. I admire her strong will and her tenacity at going after what she wants.

My son made this one, and I can’t wait to add more to my collection as he grows.

And here are a couple of my very own, I have a lot more to go though:

Sorry for the glare. I guess my whole point in this post is that, you don’t have to have some ridiculous talent to make something handmade which someone could cherish a life time. You just have to have the will and a little time. I never throw out anything handmade, I still display handmade Christmas cards we’ve received years and years ago. I need to get busy making more ornaments and journals, in the meantime I hope I’ve inspired you to try giving handmade if you already don’t. Signing off ~ Angela