Thursday, March 18, 2010

Play date at Rotary Park

Hi and happy Thursday to you all. My back has been improving with each day, thank you for all your well wishes. Yesterday Ty & Josh had a play date with our friends Charlie and Payton. We met up with them at Rotary Park in Bullhead City. It’s a great park because it has access to the Colorado River. So much fun to allow the kids to play at the park and then cool down in the river. Since my back is still a little sore, I only allowed them to get their feet wet. Plus the river is wicked cold and has a strong under current.

Here is one of my Favorite pictures of the day.


You can see how sunny it was by the reflection on the water. Not sure if you can tell, but Josh recently lost his 2 bottom teeth. He was so happy when the tooth fairy came. He wondered if maybe it was “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson that delivered his loot. I could tell you this much, If “The rock” were in our house Mommy would have stood up all night to catch a glimpse of him ;) hee hee

we are going to enjoy the rest of what’s left of spring break. They start school on Monday. Yeah, you can say things are a little backwards here. But enjoying the time off none the less. Hope you have a great day and see ya around. ~ Angela

PS. I am in search of a new camera, the one I have now is a Canon Powershot SD300, I want more of a professional grade. If you love your camera and would recommend it, let me know what have have.

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