Friday, November 2, 2012

Meet Gertie 2


Hello Sweet Blog friends. Today I have the day to myself. Whoa, I better not say that too loud. Seems when I do something always comes up. I have some cleaning to do but after that I think I will craft, I’m jonesing for my copics, I look forward to an artful afternoon. And.. some baking too. This last week I baked lots of goodies for a bake sale, check out some of the goodies:


Not the best photo but I had to use a camera phone. And here is a batch I never shared on my blog.. I made these for my niece Selena a few months back.


Well Gertie, my super old stand mixer started to complain. she wanted to retire for some time now. She’s equipped to do 10 speeds but now only does about 4/5. She’s as cute as a button but you see that covered sheet cake above? It was almost too much batter for her little hopper, she spit some out at me. She’s a hand mixer too but, that is so much more work! and she uses beaters which is a pain for whipping. Here she is:

Well needless to say she had her wish granted, and she will retire. I don’t like dubbing names, but I am sure my new mixer can fill in those tired old shoes. Meet Gertie 2

Beau-ti-ful ehh? She’s a 5 quart series and I can’t wait to try her out. I’ve been wanting to try a few recipes, and I am sure my family is going to love trying all the new creations, and bigger batches Gertie 2 can help momma make! I am just so happy to be better equipped.

~ Angela

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