Thursday, August 5, 2010

This is a must make for moms

Of kids who have really long summer vacations, and love to fill their days with good ol fashion sibling squabbles! Seems like my kids have hit the prime age for bickering and fighting. My daughter is 11, my son is 6. They are at it non-stop these days.  One day while at grandma’s house, they really went at it. So she witnessed the situation first hand. She saw the frustration on my face and made a suggestion.

She said the only thing that really motivates kids these days is money. (That’s no lie, my kids do a pretty good job at collecting/saving/spending it.) She said I should take away money each time they fight. Determine the amount of money by the severity of the fight. So I tried it, starting with a quarter & for the really bad squabs a buck. I would have never believed it but since then some days have been down right pleasant from sun up to down.  Three cheers for grandma, after all these years she still knows how to set the youngin’s straight. I thought the coin collected from this should have a proper holding place. So here it is folks, our very first “Bickering Jar”

 The lil guy represents Joshua pitching a fit.


And this cute lil grump below is my Tyla 


I wanted to add a variety of kids with attitudes, so I added these two to the bunch. 

IMG_6562 IMG_6565

And here is a top view. That’s right folks, If you bicker or holler it’ll cost you some green. (or silver)


I still have to figure out what we should do with the money inside. There is about $8.00 but slowly and most recently very slowly growing. My son suggested in his own words if we “get caught being good” can we earn it back? Just not sure exactly if that will work. I thought maybe if they are really good I could use the money to treat them to something nice or maybe split it 50/50  give it back to them at the end of each quarter. But would that be defeating the purpose, treating them with money I took away for being naughty? A good friend humorously suggested I use the money to hire a babysitter, and treat myself to a spa day. I’m sure I’d be waiting a long time for that to happen. If you have any idea’s on what should be done with the loot let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks for stopping by~Angela

Materials Used: recycled cookie tin, Score-tape, SU DSP, Laser printer, Digi images are Mo Manning’s at, colored with copics. Ink is mixed printer ink along with SU. And a thick coat of mod podge to keep preserve it and keep it in tack.




  1. Angela- I LOVE this idea! It's adorable and functionable. Kabrin said that the ballerina was his sister, and the boy in the dinosaur shirt looked like him- lol!

    We've had many bickering days here as well, and I wish this idea had come at the onset of summer [although I'm not nearly as crafty talented]. I'm sure it will come in handy as the holidays approach as well. Kids always seem to get the bicker-bug at times when they should be cherishing the freedom.

    My suggestion- save it up. You don't always have to have a destination for the money. Save it, and one day in the future when you really wish that you could do something fun with the kids for their excellent behavior, but maybe can't quite afford it, use that as a treat. Even something small- $8 bucks will fund a day out to get ice cream, and the kids will see that consistant good behavior does reap its rewards =]

  2. You could always bring them up here to stay with grandpa and I for a few days. I promise that it is quieter that Celia's house:)

    I love the idea and the jar is so you.

  3. hi anglea thanks for your comments on my magnolia t-slider card that paper is from a company called junkitz and the paper line is extreme boy. I think they are out of business now but you can probably still find it on ebay.

  4. Julie, thanks for your idea, I like it! Hope you are all well, please tell Kabrin and makenzie hi from us.

    Hi Gwen, we may just have to take you up on that offer someday ;)

    thanks for the info about the dsp Jan

  5. What a cute idea. Love your coloring & those sweet little images.
    Hugs, Janie

  6. fantastic it looks brilliant, great idea for getting them to play nice hehe x


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