Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh Baby! My first diaper cake.

Seems like so many people I know are having babies. It’s not that uncommon with a family as big as mine. Even though I am done having my babies I am sure to get a baby fix at least twice a year, if not more. So this cake is for Baby Gavin, my cousin Gabe’s son. He was born Friday the 16th and is such a cutie. The new parents were delighted with the cake and card. It also gave me a shot at practicing for an even bigger cake that I plan need to make for my girlfriend Juliza’s shower in August.

IMG_6525  This cake consists of 100 size 1 pampers brand diapers.  I swirled the diapers instead of the familiar roll and rubber band style. I think this way(shown) preserves the diapers better. Also it looks cleaner, in my opinion. To do this type of cake; I swirled the diapers around a big soup can (design on band faced in) which was placed in the middle of a big pizza pan. I rubber banded about 6 of them at a time, then removed each rubber band as I added a new layer. I did this till the fullness I desired was achieved. After the layer was complete I removed the soup can and filled the center with fun bath toys. You can use blankets or other baby supplies. Bottom layer = 50 diapers, Middle = 35, Top = 15

I topped it off  with a card featuring Bella holding a baby. Here’s a closer look at the card. Stamp can be found at stamping bella. I used some retired SU DSP. I colored the image with copics &  baubles with E49.

IMG_6514So what do  you think? At the very least,  I hope I inspired you to try something new. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with something different to share.  Thanks for sticking around, I know my blog post aren’t consistent but hopefully as we get settled in they will be more frequent. ~Angela


  1. Angela, you'd never know it was your first, it's so perfect, love the card. Where did you get the oval doilies? Love it!

  2. Lori, Thank-you so much for the sweet comment. I got the doilies at Wal-mart in the cake Isle but I also saw the same ones at Michael's for less. They come in a purple packaging. HTH Have a wonderful day

  3. Angela..that is so adorable!!! You are very talented!!!


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