Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Santa Barbara 5K Chardonnay run

I am preparing for finals this week (whaaa!) So this is just a quick post to share brag about the wine tasting run Tom and I did just a few weeks ago. It was really cool because this was my first run as well as Tom’s. What was really nice, is I had been complaining about not having time motivation to run as much as I’d like to lately. So Tom found this fun run that was along the Santa Barbara coast and signed us up. No time to back out. Just get out there and do our best and set a real PR. It was an awesome day and the weather was perfect. Our time was 32.32 not the greatest but not terrible. And the next run we do hopefully this year, will be at least 5-6 miler. Yeah! Anyway here are the photo’s courtesy of Sorry for the quality, I rec’d prints in the mail and my scanner didn’t do such a hot job copying them. none the less this is the start line.


Almost there, I’m a little winded but Tom’s all smiles! Harbor behind us.


And Crossing the finish line. What a great feeling.


What a Super fun, and memorable experience. Can’t think of anyone else, I’d want to share this moment with. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and hope to be blogging more over summer break. Have a great night. ~ Ang-E ~

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