Saturday, December 17, 2011



I’ll be the first to admit I should not have been nosing around at that virtual craft yard sale on craigslist. But loving all things crafty and the fact that it was in my own neighborhood, how could I resist?  I had to take a lookey. Turns out I knew this girl from the school, It’s a Small world after all. To the point this  trip was a bitter sweet one. I ended up with a couple prized  possessions. Which I made a pretty penny off of selling on e-bay and I still have one more. But I don't quite know what to make of it. It’s vintage and so cool, It’s Art Impressions and I would love to sell it but don’t know what to the set is worth. Take a look and if you think you know, please fill me in:

The bitter part was (and not to sound ungrateful) the girl ended up giving me a bucket –o- stamps, which take up so much precious space, I will never use them and it will be hard to sell. Take a look:

I end up with more stuff than I could possibly ever need. And my dear sweet husband who just stares in amazement at all the stuff I bring in, that piles high well he just puts up with me. His reason is it makes me happy & I must have some reason for this madness. And he’s absolutely 100% right.  I have this sickness it’s called ACMC maybe you’ve been diagnosed with it or maybe you or someone else you know noticed the symptoms and diagnosed you! It stands for AVID COLLECTOR MININMAL CRAFTER. If you have this clear out your drawers asap. Sell/ give away some of your goodies to people who will either use them or repeat the same vicious cycle. I wish you all the luck in the world and remember the first step is Admitting you have it! And by the way if you see something listed that you’d like to buy, let me know I ship same day ~ Angela Winking smile


  1. LOL, I will admit NOTHING! Never mind that I have paint stashed in my closet, yarn in a suitcase, and fabric shoved under the bed, you will not get me to part with one scintilla of it! I might, someday, need it.

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  3. Maybe our husbands should form a support group. LOL All he can do is shake his head at the stamps and craft stuff I bring home.


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