Monday, October 22, 2012

Beauty simple and pure


I need something familiar, something to cling on to. My blog is always a work in progress. Try as I may to keep up with it, life often gets in the way. I had plans this weekend to be a crafty momma. Had some of my Favorite things (copics & Ink) ready to be used.. But it seems that when I make such plans, they often fall through. I lost a family Saturday AM, It was a shock to say the least. Unexpected and this young man  was so full of life. If I said I was exhausted that would be an understatement. Today I took my aunt dinner, I wanted to make sure she was eating. It’s a hard thing to understand why people unexpectedly leave us. No lesson to be learned except how to deal with masking grief, and being strong for the people who need you most. I just wanted to share some pictures that calm me. I hope you can enjoy my eclectic array of photos today and I hope you find calmness in them too.

The backyard of my grandmother in-law, We decided to spend a couple of nights with her this week. The one below was taken last week at a beach close by our house. Who doesn’t love finding sand dollars? Seriously!

My Son Loves Parrots, he went bonkers at the county fair when he realized he could hold them

He was totally over the moon in this photo, and his face just lights me up.

Thank you for sticking around and listening to me blabber, It’s been wonderful having an outlet to my creative side and sometimes just to vent. One last not so random thought.. Contrary to common belief that states we are born with nothing, I find this utterly untrue. We are born with the innate ability to love and be loved. It’s comforting to know that when my cousin was born he was embraced and loved by many, he was surrounded by the same people who will bury him. The love this time is so much greater, because to know him was truly to love him. RIP Hector Nava, Jr.

Till next time friends,


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  1. First, I was all hey, I know that yard.

    Then I saw the top of the infamous Parrot picture and scrolled down past picture #2 to see my favorite bundle of eccentric energy to say hello.

    Thne, I scrolled back up to #2 and was like, hey, I have never seen you three before:)

    Hugs to you and your relations, I've been thinking of you all.


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