Monday, September 16, 2013

Busy Stuff

Yup been busy with lots of stuff, including aging! Incase you didn’t know, that’s me minus the birthday cap (the old chick) ready to attack that sweet Chantilly Cake my hubby bought from Whole Foods. He totally scored brownie points, and I was so impressed he picked it out on his own. He got to go surfing afterwards while I volunteered to wash the car with the kids. Needed to work off those calories, know what I mean?
I could talk about getting older and all the lessons I’ve learned blah, blah, blah.. But to be really honest I am still learning and growing as a person, mom, wife & friend. 
I also have been crafting a little bit. Mostly stuff that makes me happy like this sea shell shadow box. But the most precious thing is the picture of my kids 8 years ago. I’ve been trying to incorporate a beach cottage theme in my house for some time. If time permits, I want to make beach ornaments and have our Christmas tree doused with them.DSCN5454
I’ve also been wearing a new hat since the kids are back in school. I am tutoring the kids.. Joshua in reading comprehension and Tyla in Math. The hardest part of tutoring your kids is it is very easy to get frustrated when they don’t comprehend what you are trying to teach. It’s easy for mom to yell (heh hmm) and kids to get upset. Any clues to the fact that we’ve been there done that? well not anymore.. (ok well I am really trying to give it my all and make this a success for everyone).
I opened “Not your Momma’s Tutoring” with a special theme in mind. During these hours I am not your momma! I treat my kids like they are not mine and they treat me like I’m not their mother. Just like a tutor who is not their mom, if they miss a session it’s on them. I won’t force them to come, but if they should they will be quite surprised at what knowledge they walk away with. I won’t yell at them and I will reward them when they do well. So far it’s been a success. It’s been about a week (fingers crossed this will work) I don’t have Tyla coming to me at the last minute telling me she doesn’t understand her assignment 1 hour before bed. I really have to thank my friend Lupe for giving me great tips in order to reclaim my sanity. So, thanks Lupe I owe you lunch. DSCN5471
So as you can see things are busy in the hustle and bustle of the week. I wish I had more time for other stuff but I know in time that will come. Take care and I really hope to be back on my blog again soon. Take care ~ Angie

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