Friday, November 22, 2013

End of the year stuff..

My titles are beginning to sound the same, and at the same time vague. It’s suppose to be easier for me to post, since I am taking a light load this semester, but there is always something that needs my attention. As saddened as I am I just can’t devote my time to my online sharing like I used to. I have some really big things coming my way; I just got accepted into Nursing school. My dream of becoming an RN is in front of me. I know the next 2 years are going to be a challenge, but I have the support of my wonderful husband and kids. My daughter is in HS water polo and my lil man keeps busy with his activities too, so that is plenty to keep me near losing my mind. my plan is not to be a 5150 case before this all ends, so blogging will have to take a back seat for some time. I love crafting but I know what I need to do and so cutting down on crafting is a no brainer.

On another note I wanted to share that I am now selling Stampin up! Products. I don’t know how long this will last but I am enjoying it while I can. Tom’s aunt is my Up line; just think she is the sweetest lady ever, so I want to really try my best to stay active for as long as I can. Plus crafting on holidays is permitted (I think)  I just love how everything is less complicated when it comes to crafting with their tools. First off everything coordinates beautifully and I tend to now be so overwhelmed with all the business and frills of my usual cards. coloring is an option but not a necessity; anyone who colors knows that can be very time consuming.  Plus, I am able to make grown up things like these cards I was hired to make for my brother’s business clients. 40 in all, yea it was quite a project but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.


I used The Gently Falling Stamp set and embossed the leaves in gold, real simple, and in my opinion real classy. It was rewarding to hear my brother and my husband talk about all the delicate details of this card, and how his clients should feel very appreciated upon receiving this card. Yea that was kind of the icing on the cake for me ( I mean men, carrying on about pearls and gold accents) lol it was a great moment.

I was then hired to make a round of Christmas cards that will include a handmade ornament.The really nice thing is the cash is coming in at a great time, the cost of nursing is not cheap. So I may consider this as a side job option and extend my services to other local business and people.. Just a thought, well see how that plays out.

It was great to be back online and I’ll be back to share my christmas cards with you all, I’m not in school till january, So I am going to try hard and squeeze in as much fun as I can now. Take and see you soon .

                                             Hugs  Angela

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