Thursday, July 1, 2010

California means:

Busy like it was before we ever left. Forget slow paced Arizona  because it’s nothing but the fast lane here. Keep running or you will be consumed. You obviously can’t be two places at one time, or can you? (Hermione’s time capsule would sure come in handy right now)  Decisions and choices that you are lucky enough to have. Oceans and beaches to rest at when life gets a little too hectic & you need a quick escape. Familiar faces that brighten up your day. Green grass and a cool ocean breeze. Bike rides and 5 mile runs with nothing but scenic beauty that cradles you within.


Moving back home has been wonderfully stressful. we have been busy beyond explanation. I haven’t picked up my copics in weeks and I must say I’m a bit of a wreck over it. Time will help us settle in and hopefully I will be able to blog at least once a week. Sorry to those who were trying to view the video I made. I can’t seem to figure out the Picasa movie software. I will attach some photos to this post  so you can see the graduation pics. I hope to be back soon to show you some of the cool pics from Joshua’s b-day party. Have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by. ~Angela

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