Monday, May 10, 2010

Burtonesque Dolls Challenge

So Today I was blog hopping, I came across this REALLY cool one. I was so excited because it seems to consist of everything I was searching for.  I needed an outlet to express what I like. I was getting so caught up in buying stamps to make cards that matched everyone else’s taste, not so much my own.

So how appropriate is this?? this is the sites first challenge as well as my own! Yup that’s correct, I  have NEVER entered a blog challenge. So today is the first of many great things to come. The Challenge is requesting Stripes. I think it’s pretty stripy.. And it’s got my humor written all over it! 


Thanks for Stopping by ~ Angela

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  1. HAHA...We have the same blog:) Great stripped paper and love the image! Thanks for joining us Dolls with our first challenge! Next one starts tomorrow!


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