Thursday, May 6, 2010

Look Ma, no training wheels

Ok, so today is going to be one of those proud bragging  mommy posts. My son Joshua had been telling me for weeks that he does not like the sound of his training wheels hitting the floor when he rides his bike.  When I asked the hubby to remove them, he said he did not think the lil guy was ready. I knew he was, I’d take him for rides and could tell he mostly only used them for turns and stops. So today my son refused to go for our walk before dinner, saying he does not like his bike anymore. What’s a mom to do? I break out the hubby’s tool box,  search for the thing that loosens bolts..a wrench? (don’t know what it’s called but this chick knows how to use one) and I get to work. The training wheels are off and I take him down the drive way. So scared to let go, but as soon as I do the lil dude takes off. Whew who!!!  I prepared him for an accident, told him it would surely happen and might hurt, even had the peroxide handy, But I never needed it. When he stopped he pulled over to the side let his leg down and brakes like a pro. My neighbors who were watching, all swore we put on a show for them.. I mean who rides a bike for the first time with no training wheels and no falls? It could happen but I haven’t seen it.  In fact I remember my first fall, yes it hurt that bad. I know I probably stole the hubby’s thunder as this all went down, But I never thought he’d be riding so independently so soon. I thought of it as a mere practice round.

I was not that one who taught our first born to ride her bike, as it took her many times of practice rounds. It was ultimately her cousin Natalie who taught her and got to see her on that first ride. I was a full time working mom at that time. I also never got to see Tyla or Joshua’s first steps, because again I was busy making those benji’s. So I feel this was just the thing I needed to see before heading back home and getting back into career mode. I tell ya, It was the Perfect Mother’s Day gift and I am so blessed to be living the beautiful life I have. It’s these small things that bring me to my knees every night to thank the good lord for allowing me to stick around and witness it. I’m sorry if I sound like a religious sentimental fool but I do have so much to be thankful for. I had a really tough 2009, I had some health issue’s that no one would think a young healthy woman like myself would experience. I am still not 100% out of the woods but god is seeing me through it. and I am so happy to be here & sharing my special moments with you.  Thank you for stopping by. ~Angela

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  1. Good work Joshua; you made my day to see you take a "memorable" step in your development of physical ability. Keep them coming!

    Great Aunt Sally


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