Friday, May 31, 2013

Going out with a Bang!

Today I decided to do the final day of blog everyday in may. (Over here) Might as well finish something I started right? Today is to write about a vivid memory. I would have to say that memory is of a girl named Sheryl. She lived next to my family, when we lived in LA, I believe I was 4. She was a mentally retarded teen girl, who would always pretend that she was missing fingers and glue them back on in front of my eyes. At four years old, I was amazed. Who was this Houdini? Every time I saw her she did this, sometimes driving away in my family car; she’d show her missing nubs and then somehow make them magically appear before we were our of sight. I also remember she had a crush on my uncle Stephen, who was about 12 back then. I slightly remember teasing him about her. At four, I guess I was quite the character. I sometimes wonder why he tortures my kids now? Hmm not hard to find the answer. It’s funny I can’t remember much other than that. I know it sounds really odd, but then again life in Lawndale, CA was odd. We moved out of the city and into suburbia by the time I was in first grade, a beautiful area near the beach, my dad worked very hard to afford for us. Anyway, that’s all I have. Vivid, odd, and a bit peculiar but all very true. Okay till next time, See ya soon ~ Angela

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  1. Now that is an interesting memory that I'm pretty sure no one else would have. :) Good job finishing the challenge with us!


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