Thursday, May 30, 2013

Missing some place like crazy

I don’t know how to express myself in words about a place we once moved to, that I down right hated, and now can’t seem to get it off my mind.

A place a little boy used to wake up early and try to feed the ducks on our walks.IMG_3882IMG_3906

A place that taught my children even work can be fun. My daughter helped Mrs. Jennifer at Oatman Stables (up the road from our home) in exchange for ridding lessons. She never once complained about picking up horse poo.IMG_3458

And yes, that is an original Route 66 logo you see painted on the road there.IMG_3233

Maybe it was the way the small town talked. There is the fire captain talking to pastor Wentzlaff about ways to solve problems in the town.IMG_4295 

Problem Solved! It was way too hot to have water day for the kids with no major sprinkler system. look at those fireman lovingly spraying our kids.


And my favorite little fireman of them allIMG_4323

I can’t say if it was the pure beauty of the place that this city girl learned to appreciateIMG_3881


or our after dinner bike rides that got us talking….IMG_3878

About things that are hard to take notice when you’re always in a rush. Here things are slow enough to appreciate life's small events, like Joshua’s amazing juice spill that resembled Mickey Mouse an awful lot. Maybe Disneyland was in our future.


Maybe it was because there was never a dull moment in town.IMG_3942

Or the little Roadrunners that used to drop by and say hi


Could have been all the wonderful days we spent out at the poolIMG_4207

Then again I am sure it was the simple things like us being together, with no distractions, In a place I learned to love and call home.IMG_4067

Either way it was the Cats meow, and even Coby the cat would agree with that.IMG_3413

When I think of life lessons this place always comes to mind. Because it taught me how to be at peace with myself. I lost a lot that year we moved to Arizona, people who I thought were good friends, a job that I thought I loved, But what I gained out weighs the loss. I learned how to be my own friend, and to like myself. I learned how my health needs to be a priority because even though some big company can replace me, my husband and kids can not. I learned that the things that mean the most in life are not available for sale. It’s these experiences that I will cherish a life time. Thanks for sticking around to listen to my ramblings, have a beautiful day friends. It’s gorgeous here in California ~ Angela

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