Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Momma got a new pair of running shoes

Hi friends! So I know, I know, I totally could not blog everyday in May. I’ve just learned you have to roll with the punches. Sometimes time permits, and other times… Well I’m a busy mom, wife and all the other things I do come secondary to that. You all know I craft and cook, but something that I love equally is running! For mother’s day I picked out these snazzy babies, and I finally have them in my hot little hands today!

They are SOOO ME!! I love everything about them, the color the polka dots and stripes, and I Can’t wait to clock in some miles with these babies tomorrow!!

I just wanted to share, cause they make me so happy I can’t keep it to myself. My hubby and kids are the best, I know I am so immensely blessed. Till next time, catch me if you can Winking smile  ~ Angela

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