Friday, May 3, 2013

Something I am good at, Day 2

First, I should let you know yesterday was day 1 of posting everyday for May. I know I am one day behind but…


I decided it was a pretty neat idea, and even though I am not sure I can post everyday in May, it will be a lot of fun trying.

Today is the day to write about something I am good at, and educate on that topic.. Hmm I pondered this one for a bit. It’s hard for me to point out what I am really good at. I try lots of things for sure, but to say I am good enough to educate.. now that’s not so easy

I asked my son what he thought I was good at? He said cooking dinner, Biology and Chemistry. Yes, I do like all three, but bio and chem, maybe not as much as cooking. I asked my husband and Tyla and they said cooking too, I am seeing a trend here, Or maybe they just like eating. Right!

Well, I don’t have a recipe with pictures prepared for today so instead I will tell you what I think I am good at. I think I am good at knowing how to live in the moment. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s more than just knowing how to enjoy yourself. it’s about knowing how to savor life’s beauties and the treasures that are priceless.

I am fortunate enough to take Fridays off.  I took the kids to school this morning then went for a 4 mile run, rinsed off and headed to the beach to watch this really hot guy surf. I seem to know his schedule, and so I really take advantage of checking him out when I can.

It’s my hubby, what a treat, when we both get the day off together.

Part of savoring the moment is being able to look at things through my camera lens. I couldn’t resist taking this picture, was this big guy going to town or what? You could even see the dirt flying everywhere.

I also like to savor the moment by snapping away at current events, If I am lucky enough to do so. If you haven’t heard in the current news, California is on Fi-yah. It’s not a good thing, but there are two things that happen frequently in Cali, Fires and Earthquakes. So who’d want to live here right? With the supreme weather and high mortgages to match that supremeness.. Well I sometimes wonder myself, but this is home, and always will be. Can you see all the dark smoke? That is the Camarillo/ Malibu fire.

Beautiful blue skies and smoldering smoke is quite a combo in the sky

The Channel Islands are usually easy to see, but the smoke is causing a thick film in the atmosphere. I can feel my chest heavy after todays run. That’s no bueno.

Here is my collection of shells and sand dollars I picked up from today’s visit. Not bad huh, My kids were quite bummed they were in school, and mom and dad were out playing at the beach.

The thing is mom and dad need time alone too, time to reconnect and act silly with one another. Time to focus on one another, and be apart of what makes the other happy. That’s what I am good at, I am good at being a wife, I am good at keeping my promise to love and cherish the man god put in my life, I am good at being a mom. Not an expert in anyway but understanding my families needs and what works for us.

If I educated you on anything at all today, I am hoping maybe it’s to let you know how important it is to take 5. Smell the air, and appreciate what you have not be concerned by what you want. Because if you take time to look a little closer you might have more than you ever dreamed of in your own backyard! I know I do ~


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