Saturday, May 4, 2013

UnCoMfOrTaBlE.. Maybe just a smidge

Day 3, of posting everyday in May.. And the question is What makes you uncomfortable?

I’m in the car with the kids, we are all rocking out to the radio. When I realize some totally inappropriate lyrics are sung.. Opps Changing the station quickly, and hoping my kids don’t ask.


It really makes me uncomfortable when people talk about their financial business or troubles. Even worse is when they ask how much you make! Really? How is knowing my income going to help you? Things can get really uncomfortable when someone hits you up for a loan, or drop hints in hopes you’ll offer.


See those sexy heels below?


I really just want to wear them is all, but we don’t seem to get along. I love the look of super sexy high heels, but they hurt my back and I am afraid of ending up with terrible looking feet. I still wear them on occasion, but I’m so uncomfortable in them. I end up feeling insecure about if I look funny walking in them, or worrying about falling. Am I the only one? I sure feel like I am, especially when I am barely 5 foot nothing and could use some height enhancement. Oh well, I have to trust god made me just the way I am suppose to be.

What about you, what makes you uncomfortable?

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